A downloadable abomination for Windows, macOS, and Linux

On a dark and stormy night IT happened! While getting your butt-kicked playing MOBAs a bolt of lightning struck your house bringing life to all your anime collectibles. A neckbeard's dream right? Wrong, they want your blood and they're too kawaii to care.

You've been training for decades for this day, you've mastered the arts of #chan, fueled by the DEW, you'll bring out all your best techniques to defeat the anime menace.

How long can you survive?

Install instructions

Game executable located in "Night of the Living Waifu - v0.05", keep the executable in the unzipped folder and run to play.


Night of the Living Waifu - v0.05.zip - Submission 19 MB
Night of the Living Waifu - SourceCode.zip 30 kB
Night of the Living Waifu - ProjectFile.zip 26 MB

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